Lois Long, 1925-1939: playing Miss Jazz Age

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This study demonstrate's how Lois Long's career at the New Yorker, which lasted 45 years, serves as evidence of Long's place in the annals of New Yorker history, past her initial success as a society writer. Her work, including the popular "Tables for Two" and "On and Off the Avenue" features, as well as her longevity with the magazine show Long was unique in that she outlasted many of the original New Yorker writers, eventually falling into a workhorse role rather than glorified writer. This paper uses Long's published work in the New Yorker and additional unpublished sources to provide depth to the story of Long's professional career and personal life, from 1925 to 1939. Going beyond her initial success as fashion critic and nightclub writer, it demonstrates how Long's career evolved as her own life and the society around her changed throughout the early twentieth century.

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