Investigation of terahertz technology and applications

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Terahertz Technology promises great advancement in various field including military applications, biomedical industry and future communication as a convergence area between electronics fields and photonics fields. In this thesis, I present the development of Terahertz technology based on Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy and its methodologies that I had to learn to utilize the system and to improve the quality of data acquired. After the methodology is presented, there are three main topics investigated for the Terahertz technology applications. First, Flexible Metamaterial Perfect Absorber was fabricated and investigated as a new Terahertz responsive device. Second, human breast tissue cell lines and cancer cell lines are distinguished by analyzing spectroscopic data gotten from transmission mode of Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy. Third, after testing the Terahertz wave radiation from SiGe nanowires surface emitter, InP and InGaAs nanowires were tested as an alternative material. Especially, those were fabricated with a new trial of fabrication, the E-beam lithography, to obtain a regular vertical alignment and uniform distribution with desired diameter and length, instead of randomly grown nanowires. Polarization dependent measurement result will be demonstrated depending on the size and shape of these nanowires.

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