Development of a web-based geotechnical data management system for the Alabama Department of Transportation

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GeoGIS is a web-based geotechnical database management system that is being developed for the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). The purpose of GeoGIS is to facilitate the efficient storage and retrieval of geotechnical documents for ALDOT. The website utilizes a web-based map to search for documents based on the location of the project to which the document is associated. Users can also search for documents based on document attributes. The website is equipped with a document upload page where users can add geotechnical data to GeoGIS. Access to the website is limited to only authorized users with one of four levels of classification: General User, Consultant, ALDOT Engineer, or Administrator, listed in order from lowest level of access to highest. General users are limited to only viewing the site and searching documents. Consultants have the ability to upload data to the GeoGIS database. ALDOT Engineers are charged with the task of approving the uploaded documents and initiating new projects, which allows new projects to be available to receive uploaded documents and be displayed on the GeoGIS map. Administrators have the additional responsibility of managing GeoGIS users. Each level of classification inherits the privileges of each previous level of classification. Currently over 1200 documents have been uploaded to GeoGIS for 103 projects across the state of Alabama. GeoGIS is improving daily to accommodate new features and improve the overall functionality of the website.

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Civil engineering, Geographic information science and geodesy, Geotechnology