College students' perceptions of adoption

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The differences in perceptions of adoption among college students were the focus of this research. The research was conducted in response to a lack of literature in the area of college students and adoption. The results indicated that college students perceived adoption to be more stressful than having a biological child, and perceived having a biological child more satisfying than adopting. Still, many college students stated they would consider adopting. These findings are consistent with the often expressed view of adoption as "second-best". The purposes and hypotheses discussed in this research are important for families, students, counselors, educators, and social workers. There is a lack of information available to college students considering adoption, a lack of support to adoptees, and insufficient knowledge about the process and outcomes of adoption. Understanding college students' attitudes toward adoption should give direction regarding future social, legal, and educational views and pursuits related to adoption. Further research is needed to determine general findings, specifically research including more adoptees as well as a more diverse population of college students in various settings such as private, parochial and racially diverse college populations. Studies must focus on adoption and address stereotypes presented in literature, media, and educational materials. Expanding the body of literature will assist educators, advocates, parents, and counselors in taking the next step of shifting the paradigm of adoption to a more favorable one.

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