The Social Work Role in Higher Education: A Systematic Review

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Social workers apply social work knowledge and skills in various educational settings, including higher education. Although this career path is not widely recognized, social workers address the needs of students in higher education by providing mental health services, case management, program management, and outreach. This systematic review aims to explore the roles of social workers in higher education settings. This review includes empirical literature, articles written by students, and grey literature to demonstrate how the profession understands social work practice in higher education settings. The twenty-eight articles reviewed reflected six themes: the role of social work, field education, mental health, substance use, foster care, and diversity and inclusion. The results of this review support that further research is needed on the social work roles in higher education and that this setting is rich with field placement opportunities.

Capstone Report
Systematic reviews, Social work, Higher education, Substance abuse, Mental health, Field education