Collaboration in development: a case study of a southeastern public university

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The changing landscape of higher education has challenged institutions to find new revenue sources and to make fiscal adaptations more along the lines of privatized businesses. Public institutions over the past thirty years have seen declining public funding and increased enrollments. As a result, areas of external funding such as development appear to have taken on an increasingly centralized role in the financial management of institutions. Given the changing state of affairs in higher education and the importance of fundraising, this analysis proposes new consideration be given to collaboration on development efforts across institutional professional cultures. Specifically, how can development professionals strategically utilize faculty members in campaigns and initiatives in order for mutually beneficial avenues of collaboration to be created? How can faculty members and development officers collaboration on campaigns mutually benefit professional interests while positively influencing institutional initiatives and programs? What are the barriers to creating a collaborative relationship and can they be overcome? What does a potential working relationship among faculty members and development officers mean for each professional group and public institutions as a whole? Is it possible to infuse an operational culture of appreciation regarding development into the modern public institution?

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Educational leadership, Educational administration