Terahertz spectroscopic imaging

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Terahertz based imaging techniques are of critical importance in furthering both our understanding of physical laws and the technological ability to observe and diagnose the condition of organic compounds. In this work I present the development of spectroscopic image construction and analysis techniques utilizing Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy. LabVIEW has been used to develop a powerful, user-friendly image analysis suite specialized for this purpose. Here I discuss the techniques and methodologies that allow for meaningful color contrast image reconstruction via the extraction of selected criterion from the spectrum associated to a spatial location within a sample. After the methodology has been presented, I will present a sequence of images captured using the spectrometer. The materials imaged are divided into two categories: inorganic and organic. Through a multitude of reconstructions for each sample, the capability and validity of both THz spectroscopic images and the techniques used to interpret them will be demonstrated.

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