Technology That Rocks the Cradle: Introducing Artificial Intelligence Awareness

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There is increasing attention and interest being paid to artificial intelligence (AI). We can see AI applications in our everyday lives, including web search engines, recommendation systems, devices understanding human speech or input, self-driving cars, and automated decision-making systems (“Artificial intelligence” 2022). The extensive uses of AI cover all aspects of our lives. As we enter the era of cloud computing, the power of AI has been accelerated. We enjoy more customized information feeds AI provides, and it allows organizations to make smarter and faster decisions on a larger scale (Accenture 2022). There has been a variety of research investigating AI, its goals, and its uses as a tool in the field of IS. However, to our knowledge, no prior research has addressed people’s perception of the existence of AI and AI’s influences on our decisions. Although we choose to use AI to help us make better decisions, we need to reflect on how we perceive AI, its purpose, its practice, and its impacts on our decisions and our behaviors associated with its use. In this two-essay dissertation, we accomplish two primary goals. First, in Essay One, we propose the new concept of Artificial Intelligence Awareness (AIA), demonstrate how it can be applied to many subareas of IS, and develop several opportunities for future research related to AI uses. Second, in Essay Two, we develop the measure to capture AIA and test the model to show how it impacts thoughts, emotions, and even behaviors related to AI-powered smart technology uses in the context of the virtual assistant.

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AI-powered smart technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Awareness, Decision making, Information Systems