Nurse Perspectives about Screening Patients with Opioid Use Disorder, an Educational Intervention

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Introduction/Purpose: The consequences of drug overdoses are devastating, with opioids being a major contributor to preventable deaths. Those with cardiovascular disease are particularly vulnerable to the effects of opioid use, making the need for effective Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) screening even more pronounced. This scholarly project aims to assess the impact of an educational intervention on nurses’ confidence and perceived benefits of opioid use disorder screening among cardiovascular patients.

Methods: Staff nurses completed an anonymous, online Qualtrics pre-survey consisting of questions pertaining to nurse’s attitudes, perceptions, and preparedness regarding screening for OUD. Following the pre-survey, education regarding OUD screening and risks associated with OUD and cardiovascular disease was completed. Within two weeks of completing the education, staff nurses then completed the identical post-education survey.

Results: The percentage of nurses who answered “strongly agree” (seventeen percent, n=4) and “agree” (forty-two percent, n=10) to the statement “I feel prepared to screen my patients for OUD/opioid use” decreased on the post-survey after they participated in the educational intervention. On the post-survey, twelve percent (n=3) answered “strongly agree” and thirty-two percent (n=8) answered “agree”.

Discussion: The educational intervention in this project did not educate participants on any specific OUD screening tool, numerous nurses expressed interest in learning more about how to implement a specific tool at the bedside. This may have been represented by a decrease in the percentage of nurses who felt prepared to screen their patients for OUD/opioid use on the postsurvey. This unit would benefit from further OUD screening tool education.

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