Sections: a quartet for flute and string trio

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Sections is a seven movement work for flute and string trio.The instrumentation of the movements helps to delineate form in the composition. All movements, except movement IV, have a paired movement that shares the same instrumentation. These movement pairs share melodic and harmonic content. Movement IV is the only movement that uses all four instruments. The instrumentation of the other movements is symmetrical around movement IV as shown in the diagram below. I cello II cello and flute III flute, viola, violin IV cello, flute, violin, viola, cello V flute, viola, violin VI cello and flute VII cello The design of the composition involves a transition between indefinite, semi-definite, and definite pitch. Percussive and non-percussive articulations also are treated in a transitional manner. These transitions form major motivic elements of the work. For example, the transition from a scratch tone to an ordinary bowed pitch forms a transition of semi-definite to definite pitch. Generally speaking, the use of indefinite pitch and percussive elements decreases as the number of instruments playing increases. For example, the most percussive sounds are found in solo movements and the least in movement IV.

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