An awakening: the life history of a female physical educator, coach, and administrator

dc.contributorBallard, Rebecca M.
dc.contributorMutua, Kagendo
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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this dissertation was to examine the experiences of a female athlete, physical educator, and higher education administrator born the in the 1930s through the use of life history research. This study documents her life history as a female athlete, physical educator, administrator, and a coach who was working during the Civil Rights Movement and the passing of Title IX. Through qualitative life history methods this participant was interviewed extensively via a variety of naturalistic techniques. The collected data of her life history were analyzed and her story is retold at length in her own words. The data from her life history are also organized into themes that chronicle her journey through sport and athletics as a female athlete, teacher, coach, and administrator for sixty-five years from 1937 to 2002.en_US
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dc.titleAn awakening: the life history of a female physical educator, coach, and administratoren_US
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