A performance guide to Daniel Dorff's literature for solo flute and piccolo

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The music for flute and piccolo by Daniel Dorff has become part of the standard repertoire and has been widely performed and recorded. As of this writing, Dorff has composed four solo flute pieces (Nocturne Caprice, August Idyll, Trees, Woodland Reverie) and one solo piccolo piece (Tweet). These compositions are of varying difficulties, and performers should be aware of their technical and harmonic complexities. This document provides harmonic analyses of these works and advice to aid performers’ comprehension of the music, facilitating more meaningful interpretation of this repertoire. These suggestions comprise the author’s personal experience performing these pieces, input from other flutists, and recommendations from the composer. Consultation with the composer himself proved invaluable in compiling information on performance practice and technique. By clarifying potential misconceptions and offering insights into his compositions, Dorff’s advice presented here will aid performers’ understanding and presentation of these pieces. Finally, similarities among these works as well as their unique features will be discussed. This document provides a solid foundation upon which flutists can build their own interpretations of these works.

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