Correlates for metabolic syndrome among employees at a Southeastern university

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Presently, it is estimated that thirty-four percent of Americans, over the age of twenty years, have a combination of risk factors known as metabolic syndrome. OBJECTIVES: This study examined the relationship of the risk factors for metabolic syndrome and multiple lifestyle variables. METHODS: Data was collected on 1358 employees from a southeastern university that participated in a wellness program. After controlling for missing variables, 1156 employee records were used to identify the relationship between risk factors for metabolic syndrome and lifestyle variables. Metabolic syndrome risk factors were analyzed along with covariates of demographics and self -reported overall physical health status. RESULTS: Significant relationships were identified to explain lifestyle variables and the cluster of risk factors in metabolic syndrome. CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that metabolic syndrome is associated with the modifiable risk factors of sleep and physical activity. Metabolic syndrome is also predictive of poor self-reported overall physical health status. Some findings from this study support previous research efforts, while some are unique to this southeastern population. The findings from this research will translate into health promotion activities aimed at decreasing risks of metabolic syndrome in individuals that are most susceptible.

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