The reflections of my introverted sneakers

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The Reflections of My Introverted Sneakers is an electroacoustic work, six minutes and thirty seconds in length, for acoustic violin and pre-recorded electronics. I composed Reflections for violinist and composer Dr. Davis Brooks, the 2016 University of Alabama School of Music Endowed Chair in Composition; he has recorded the work. C. P. First’s composition Black Sun, for violin and piano, was the inspiration for Reflections. First’s work begins on A5 followed by a chromatic descent to A0. A repeating rhythmic pattern changes with each new pitch, while recurring pitch-class collections maintain harmonic continuity throughout the descent. My work also begins with a repeated A, but instead of a chromatic descent with changing rhythmic patterns, I employ a constant rhythmic value (eighth notes at ♩ = 130) on a single pitch, A4. The opening electronics feature this pitch and rhythm through pre-recorded violin effects performed by Dr. Brooks. I use selected sound-creating techniques from the advanced performance repertoire. I also use three pitch-class collections that are similar in intervallic content. The work presents each technique in multiple sections. The choice of techniques employed was determined by the structure, form, and flow of the work. I included pitched and unpitched material recorded by Dr. Brooks. In my compositional process, I determined the order of the electronic techniques in the repeating pitch pattern to support the acoustic part. I manipulated the recorded samples using the software Peak, Melodyne, and RX. The electronic component of the composition was constructed in Logic, and I sequenced the violin part while creating the electronics; this affords tight synchronization and unity between the electronics and acoustic violin. This sequenced version is omitted from the final electronic version and replaced by the live acoustic violin.

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