Ultra-Wideband Monocone Antenna and V2X Testing

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In this thesis, a capacitively-fed, ultrawide bandwidth, low profile, Omni-directional monocone antenna is proposed for V2X wireless communications. The proposed antenna consists of five main components – circular monocone, capacitive feed, grounded ring, ground post near capacitive feed, the short and long meander grounding vias. The proposed antenna is modeled with an electromagnetic simulator and validated with measurement. The results show that the proposed antenna supports ultrawide bandwidth from 0.75 GHz to 7.47 GHz mounted on a ground plane, allowing GSM, CDMA, UMTS,LTE, GPS, WiFi, BT, DSRC, and C-V2X bands. The prototype of the antenna is 3D printed with low-cost plastic material and sprayed with copper particles for rapid and cost-effective fabrication. The diameter and height of the antenna are 148 mm and 26.695 mm, respectively. The efficiency is measured to be over 87.97 % throughout the frequency bands of interest. Proceedings from antenna design and measurement, different cases of V2X testing were conducted. The Line of Sight (LOS), Non-Line of Sight (NLOS), Intersection, and three different shadowing tests were examined and evaluated with Cohda Wireless’s DSRC and C-V2X supportive units.

Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Vehicle to everything (V2X) technology, Monocone antenna design, Automobile antennas