The experience of nursing care for female medicaid recipients

dc.contributorSherrod, Roy Ann
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dc.contributorCurtner-Smith, Mary Elizabeth
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dc.description.abstractThis phenomenological study is guided by a feminist-informed critical theory for the purpose of exploring the experiences of nursing care for female Medicaid recipients. The goals of this research were to understand how nurses' attitudes and behaviors towards female Medicaid recipients influence the ways in which these patients receive and act upon their health care, and to consider what those understandings suggest for nursing education. Semi-structured interviews with female Medicaid recipients were conducted to understand their experiences of nursing care, and a focus group interview with nurse educators was conducted to consider what those understandings suggest for nursing education. Current health reform makes this study is timely and important, as more citizens now than ever before are eligible for Medicaid benefits. As a result, nurses will more frequently encounter members of the Medicaid population in both the public sector and community-based health care facilities. As providers of direct care, nurses play a critical role in how patients receive and act upon the health care given to them. From this research, nurses can learn what attitudes and behaviors are noted as being positive or negative for the female Medicaid population. Nurse educators can learn this as well, and can use these understandings to inform how and what students are taught regarding the female Medicaid population. Finally, understanding the experiences of nursing care for such women can assist local, state, and federal policymakers maintain population-specific considerations in the forefront of reforms.en_US
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dc.titleThe experience of nursing care for female medicaid recipientsen_US
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