Forward-backward asymmetry of Drell-Yan lepton pairs in pp collisions at root s=8 TeV

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A measurement of the forward–backward asymmetry AFB of oppositely charged lepton pairs (μμ and ee) produced via Z/γ* boson exchange in pp collisions at (\sqrt{s}) = 8 TeV is presented. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 19.7 fb⁻¹ collected with the CMS detector at the LHC. The measurement of (A_{FB}) is performed for dilepton masses between 40 GeV and 2 TeV and for dilepton rapidity up to 5. The (A_{FB}) measurements as a function of dilepton mass and rapidity are compared with the standard model predictions.

Physics, Particles & Fields, Physics
Khachatryan, V., Sirunyan, A. M., Tumasyan, A., Adam, W., Asilar, E., Bergauer, T., Brandstetter, J., Brondolin, E., Dragicevic, M., Erö, J., Flechl, M., Friedl, M., Frühwirth, R., Ghete, V. M., Hartl, C., Hörmann, N., Hrubec, J., Jeitler, M., Knünz, V., … Collaboration, [Authorinst]The CMS. (2016). Forward–backward asymmetry of Drell–Yan lepton pairs in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 8$ s = 8 $\,\mathrm{TeV}$ TeV. In The European Physical Journal C (Vol. 76, Issue 6). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.