The reinforced mechanical properties of zinc oxide nanowire as nanoresonator in atmosphere

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Nano-cantilever sensors can generally be exploited as high-frequency mechanical devices of nanoscale dimensions. Almost universally, complex and high-skills technologies are required for these devices, but this is not suitable for future development of nanoscale devices. A simple operation and fabrication of controllable large-scale chip-grown vertical nanowire resonators (VNR) with a size of 50nm is designed and fabricated. This device uses Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) tips as displacement transducers based on ultra-sensitive atomic force sensing, permitting optimal and straightforward small signal readout precisely. Then the size-effect and half-dimension properties of tunable high quality factor and fundamental mechanical frequencies of controllable NWs on a full-wafer at atmospheric pressure have been systematically studied. This enables measurements of new applications as a nano-film thickness detector with sub-nm resolution and a mass selecting sifter with tenth-ag resolution.

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