Analyses of teachers' perceptions and attitudes of a teacher laptop initiative

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This study analyzed the attitudes and perceptions of teachers following the implementation of a teacher laptop initiative. The attitudes and perceptions were documented through a mixed-methods research design that collected both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data were gathered using pretest and posttest surveys. Qualitative data were gathered through focus group interviews and were used to further inform the quantitative data. The quantitative data suggested that a teacher laptop initiative can affect attitudes and perceptions of teachers. Participants in this study increased their overall perception of their computer use and began to adopt technology in the classroom by using it more often. Results suggested that teachers became more comfortable with computers when given a laptop. The quantitative data did not show significance between a teacher laptop initiative and teacher interest toward computers and teacher view of computer significance. This research also suggested that a teacher laptop initiative, coupled with professional development, can better prepare students for the 21st century. An implication of this study was if teachers are given resources and proper training on how to implement technology in the classroom, attitudes and classroom practices can be changed. Participants believed if educators begin to integrate technology in the classroom and model skills for students, technology could help prepare students for the 21st century.

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