Three Product Implementations for Improving “Just-In-Time” Delivery of Library Resources

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The academic library plays a pivotal role within the organizational framework of higher education, supporting teaching, learning, and research with robust collections of materials in an array of formats. The value and ease of access to academic library collections within the higher education organizational framework cannot be understated. Accordingly, neither can the importance of interlibrary loan services from which users may gain access to materials beyond the local collection. In an effort to enhance access and discovery of materials, promote interlibrary loan services, and meet the goals and objectives of a new strategic plan, The University of Alabama Libraries implemented three new tools over the course of a few short months: Lean Library, Article Galaxy Scholar, and EBSCO custom linking. This article presents a case study detailing the implementation of these tools at a major research library.

Lean Library, Article Galaxy Scholar, Custom linking
Alice L. Daugherty & Lindsey Lowry (2022) Three Product Implementations for Improving “Just-In-Time” Delivery of Library Resources, Technical Services Quarterly, 39:4, 351-368, DOI: 10.1080/07317131.2022.2125675