Influence of negotiations on preservice teachers' instruction within multi-activity and sport education units

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Previous research has indicated that sport education (SE) has structural advantages over traditional multi-activity (MA) teaching which may help preservice teachers (PTs) learning to teach. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of negotiations between pupils and PTs on PTs' instruction within MA teaching and SE. Participants were 17 PTs engaged in a secondary early field experience in which they taught 12-lesson MA and SE soccer units. Data were collected using six qualitative techniques and analyzed using analytic induction and constant comparison. Pupils initiated negotiations aimed at securing changes in instructional tasks and a reduction in standards of performance for those tasks. PTs initiated negotiations aimed at securing compliance with instructional and managerial tasks. During MA instruction, negotiations were relatively negative and common, increased as the unit progressed, and adversely influenced the effectiveness of the majority of PTs' pedagogies. During SE instruction, negotiations were relatively positive and infrequent, declined as the season progressed, and enabled PTs to deliver comparatively good quality physical education.

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Physical education, Education