Transformational Leadership, Principal Support, and Teacher Efficacy: a Multiple Regression Study with Respect to Teacher Job Satisfaction in Secondary Schools

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This study examined the relationship between teacher job satisfaction and each of thesevariables: transformational leadership, teacher efficacy, and principal support. Additionally, therelationship between the transformational style of leadership and perceived principal support andthe transformational style of leadership and individual teacher efficacy will also be explored. Thepurpose of this study is to analyze the relationships between the transformational leadership styleand the following variables: the principals' support, teacher efficacy, and teacher job satisfaction.For this study, the researcher will be utilizing a non-experimental quantitative research design(Creswell, 2017). To interpret the data collected, the researcher will use the SPSS program(Barrett, Leech & Morgan, 2014). This researcher expects to find a statistically significantrelationship between transformational leadership and the above variables. Similar studies havebeen conducted at the elementary and higher education levels, but little research on this topic hasbeen shown at the secondary level. This researchers' goal is to collect data that will informeducational leadership programs and school administrators to begin new leadership roles, buildquality coactive relationships, and promote student and school achievement.

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Educational leadership, Principal Support, Teacher Efficacy, Teacher Job Satisfaction, Transformational Leadership