Fatigue-Induced Cole Electrical Impedance Model Changes of Biceps Tissue Bioimpedance

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Bioimpedance, or the electrical impedance of biological tissues, describes the passive electrical properties of these materials. To simplify bioimpedance datasets, fractional-order equivalent circuit presentations are often used, with the Cole-impedance model being one of the most widely used fractional-order circuits for this purpose. In this work, bioimpedance measurements from 10 kHz to 100 kHz were collected from participants biceps tissues immediately prior and immediately post completion of a fatiguing exercise protocol. The Cole-impedance parameters that best fit these datasets were determined using numerical optimization procedures, with relative errors of within approximately +/- 0.5% and +/- 2% for the simulated resistance and reactance compared to the experimental data. Comparison between the pre and post fatigue Cole-impedance parameters shows that the R-infinity, R-1, and f(p) components exhibited statistically significant mean differences as a result of the fatigue induced changes in the study participants.

bioimpedance, Cole-impedance model, fractional-order model, tissue, fatigue, FRACTIONAL CALCULUS, PARAMETERS, ALGORITHMS, Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications, Mathematics
Freeborn, T.; Fu, B. Fatigue-Induced Cole Electrical Impedance Model Changes of Biceps Tissue Bioimpedance. Fractal Fract. 2018, 2(4), 27; https://doi.org/10.3390/fractalfract2040027.