Wind music for theater: Cave, composed by Russell Peck

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This DMA manuscript is composed of two parts.  The first is an essay focusing on Russell Peck (1949-2005) and his piece Cave. The written essay begins with a discussion of wind music for theater and the different techniques that composers use in this genre. It also looks more in-depth at a small sample of these pieces and the purpose, place, and intention of these works.  The majority of this essay, however, focuses on Russell Peck and his piece Cave. The essay looks at technical, musical, and performance considerations of the piece and how they enhance the performance. Recommendations for future performances are discussed. Interviews with friends and family members of Russell Peck provides greater insight into him as a person as well as his compositional style and thought process when composing this piece. The second part of this DMA manuscript is a professional quality DVD of a full performance of Cave with the University of Alabama Symphonic Band on their April 14, 2014, concert.

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