Neophyte nurses and lateral violence: the lived experience

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The aim of this qualitative phenomenological study was to gain an understanding of the lived experience of neophyte nurses who encountered lateral violence (LV) during their first year of nursing practice. Ten neophyte nurses were interviewed to ascertain their description of the LV experience, how they defined LV, and what they perceived nurse educators could do to better prepare nursing students for this phenomenon. Phenomenology framed the conceptual foundation and the presence of oppression within nursing provided a theoretical framework. Data analyses implemented Colaizzi’s Method. Emergent themes were identified as follows: (1) lack of empathy from more experienced nurses toward neophyte nurses, (2) personal expectations of nursing related to cognitive dissonance, (3) inability of neophyte nurses to practice professional autonomy, and (4) presence of cognitive dissonance related to oppression in the nursing profession. The importance of the results included implications for nurse educators to include LV as part of the nursing curriculum. The importance for nursing practice included the need for empowerment of the nursing population in order to promote healthy relationships among the nursing profession.

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