Low-Temperature Plasma Enhanced Chemical Looping System

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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is considered a key technology in reducing carbon footprint across the globe. In this thesis, Chemical Looping System is used to implement CCUS in converting greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane to value-added chemicals. The industrial processes to produce chemicals generally work at higher temperatures. To reduce the operating temperature, the critical area of the study approached in this thesis are nanomaterials and plasma assistance. By using advanced material preparation methods, nanomaterials are produced in this thesis to enhance the catalytic activity. Plasma plays a significant role in enhancing the reaction by breaking down the input molecules into ions, electrons, radicals, vibrationally, rotationally, and electronically excited molecules. Plasma creates a synergistic effect by interacting between the catalyst and input gases. The first part of the thesis is concentrated on the experimentation of a plasma chemical looping system using different oxygen carrier material for the redox process involving dry reforming and water splitting. To begin with, an experimental setup is developed and a Quadrupole mass spectrometer is applied to understand the time-based evolution of various product species during these processes. Significant production of chemicals of interest such as syngas and hydrogen at lower temperatures is demonstrated. Finally, the characterization of materials studied using different techniques. In the second part of the thesis, to understand the critical plasma parameter for chemical looping experiment, which is temperature, an ab-initio setup is developed. Optical techniques such as Rayleigh scattering and optical emission spectroscopy are used to conduct a parametric investigation in a two-dimensional plane. The results obtained are used to understand the distribution of temperature in the plasma during the reduction and the oxidation step.

Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Carbon Capture Utilization, Chemical Looping, Laser Diagnostics, Mass Spectrometry, Plasma, Scattering Technique