Embedded Librarianship: What’s it Worth?

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Libraries Unlimited

In the ongoing evolution of the academic library, embedded librarianship has become an important topic of debate across levels and departments. This book delves into the concept, examining everything from theory to best practices.

Is the embedded librarian an equal partner in the course, or is the librarian perceived as a "value-added" extra? What is the place of technology in this effort? Is there a line librarians should not cross? Taking into account both theory and practice to discuss multiple facets of the subject, Embedded Librarianship: What Every Academic Librarian Should Know thoroughly examines these questions and more from the perspectives of experienced embedded librarian contributors who have worked in higher education settings. The chapters illuminate the benefits and challenges of embedding, explain the planning required to set up an embedded course, identify the different forms of embedding, and consider information literacy instruction in various contexts.

Readers who will benefit from this work include not only academic librarians but any professor who wants their students to be able to do better research in their fields.

Russo, M. F., & Daugherty, A. L. (2013). Embedded Librarianship: What’s it Worth? (Eds.), Embedded Librarianship: What Every Academic Librarian Should Know (pp. 201). Libraries Unlimited https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/embedded-librarianship-9781610694131/