Trio upward bound and its relationship with college readiness for low-income students

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The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between TRIO Upward Bound and low-income students’ perception of the program. The study evaluated the significance of certain aspects of TRIO Upward Bound programming in preparing low-income students for high school graduation and enrollment in college. The findings of the study sought to display the connection between preparation for high school graduation, students’ self-perception of knowledge of the college application process, and college enrollment for low-income students and their participation in TRIO Upward Bound. Data concerning background characteristics and low-income students’ experiences in TRIO Upward Bound were collected via a survey. A quantitative research design was used to describe the data collected from the survey. Study results support the notion that TRIO Upward Bound is a viable option for closing the achievement gap and improving access to higher education for low-income students. Additionally, the results of the study will be helpful to college access practitioners and higher education administrators as they advocate for the importance of college preparation programs like TRIO Upward Bound.

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