Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking with Gauged U(1)⌄R Symmetry

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We propose a simple model of dynamical supersymmetry breaking in the context of minimal supergravity with gauged U(1)⌄R symmetry. The model is based on the gauge group SU(2) × U(1)⌄R with three matters. Since the U(1)⌄R symmetry is gauged, the Fayet-Iliopoulos D term appears due to the symmetry of supergravity. On the other hand, the superpotential generated dynamically by the SU(2) gauge dynamics leads to a runaway potential. Since the supersymmetric vacuum condition required by the D term potential contradicts the one required by the superpotential, supersymmetry is broken. The supersymmetry breaking scale is controlled by the dynamical scale of the SU(2) gauge interaction. We can choose the parameters in our model for a vanishing cosmological constant. Our model is phenomenologically viable with the gravitino mass of order 1 TeV or 10 TeV.

Supersymmetric models, Nonlinear and dynamical symmetries (spectrum-generating symmetries), Extensions of electroweak gauge sector