GeoGIS: a web-based geotechnical data management system for the Alabama Department of Transportation

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GeoGIS is a web-based geotechnical database management system created for the Bureau of Materials and Tests of the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). The purpose of GeoGIS is to provide a fast and efficient method of storing and retrieving geotechnical information for ALDOT engineers and consultants. A map displaying projects and a document search page based on document attributes provides users the ability to quickly locate information. A document upload page allows documents to be added to GeoGIS. Access to the GeoGIS website is limited to authorized users determined by ALDOT. A four tiered hierarchy of user classifications determines access privileges to various website features. The lowest level, General User, can view the map and retrieve documents. Consultants inherit the privileges of the General User, and have the ability to upload documents. ALDOT Engineers inherit Consultant privileges, and have the ability to approve uploaded documents and initiate projects to be displayed on the map. The highest level, Administrator, inherits all previous privileges and has the ability to manage user accounts. To date, over 4200 documents have been stored in GeoGIS spanning 432 projects across the state of Alabama. The GeoGIS website is live and currently being utilized by ALDOT and ALDOT consultants. GeoGIS improvements continue to add website functionality and documents on a daily basis.

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