French immersion in Louisiana: instructor perceptions and practices

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French Immersion programs in Louisiana provide a unique opportunity to examine factors that have an effect on preservation and revitalization efforts of language and culture in the United States. In this study, I attempt to identify the language attitudes and classroom practices of immersion teachers in Louisiana's immersion programs due to the critical role that these programs play in the movement to encourage the revitalization of French in Louisiana. Participants included five teachers in French immersion programs employed by a public school in East Baton Rouge Parish during the 2014-2015 academic year. I also identify the perceptions of two current CODOFIL representatives, and examine how their perceptions impact those of the immersion teachers. Findings suggest that the French immersion teachers believe that some aspects of Louisiana French should be incorporated into the schools; however, they believe that Standard French is generally more useful and should remain the primary variety of French for instruction. The interview with the CODOFIL representatives suggests that there is a developing "new wave" of French immersion in Louisiana with the creation and implementation of new programs such as the "Escadrille" program. I also attempt to identify areas that merit further research.

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Sociolinguistics, Language, Foreign language instruction