Recovery in level 8-10 women's USA artistic gymnastics

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This study assessed physical performance in women's artistic gymnastics following three variable recovery periods. Participants included fifteen female gymnasts who had competed at USA Gymnastics (USAG) levels 8 - 10 within at least one year prior to the study. Each testing session consisted of a warm-up followed by four muscular endurance tests and one explosive maximal test. Assessments included pull-ups, leg lifts, handstand push-ups, push-ups and vertical jump. After the performance assessments, the participants completed a typical practice session. The performance measures were reassessed at the beginning of each of the recovery periods of 24, 48, and 72 hours in a counterbalanced design. Performance assessments were converted into Z-scores and then averaged for a composite session Z-score. The composite session Z-scores were compared to evaluate different durations of recovery. Composite Z's were significantly lower (p=.000), after the, 24 (z=-1.10) and the 48 hour (z=-0.71) recovery periods compared to baseline. However, there was no difference in scores (p=1.00) between the baseline and 72 hours (z=0.004) recovery. On average, full recovery required 72 hours under the conditions of this study.

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