The Impact of a Student Success Course on Academic Achievement and Persistence

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The purpose for conducting this study was to assess the effectiveness of a college-credit, student success course in increasing persistence rates and improving student grade point averages (GPAs) at Bevill State Community College, an institution of the Alabama College System. The study was designed to identify possible significant differences in persistence rates and academic achievement between students in a 2-year community college who successfully complete the student success course (treatment group) and those students who do not enroll in the course (control group). Additionally, the study was to examine ethnic and gender-related differences in academic achievement and persistence between students in the control and treatment groups. Data for the study were collected from student records for the 1993-94 academic year maintained in Bevill State Community College's management information system, ACCESS, The Alabama Computer Consortium for Educational System Software. The study represented an effort to determine whether an extended student success program featuring intense interaction with academic skills and life management skills does serve to foster student retention and academic success.

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