Note: A wide temperature range MOKE system with annealing capability

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American Institute of Physics

A novel sample stage integrated with a longitudinal MOKE system has been developed for wide temperature range measurements and annealing capabilities in the temperature range 65 K < T < 760 K. The sample stage incorporates a removable platen and copper block with inserted cartridge heater and two thermocouple sensors. It is supported and thermally coupled to a cold finger with two sapphire bars. The sapphire based thermal coupling enables the system to perform at higher temperatures without adversely affecting the cryostat and minimizes thermal drift in position. In this system the hysteresis loops of magnetic samples can be measured simultaneously while annealing the sample in a magnetic field. Published by AIP Publishing.

Instruments & Instrumentation, Physics, Applied, Physics
Chahil, N., et al. (2017): Note: A Wide Temperature Range MOKE System with Annealing Capability. Review of Scientific Instruments,88(7). DOI: