Quantifying risk for sexual assault in prisons

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Traditional studies of sexual assault in the prison system have focused upon identifying those inmates most likely to perpetrate the offence. However, little research has been conducted upon better identification of those inmates most at risk for sexual assault victimization. The purpose of this study was to analyze an existing dataset in order to evaluate if risk of sexual assault in prison could be quantified through qualitative data. Using secondary qualitative data of 409 males in 30 institutions in 10 states, theoretical risk-assessment indices were created based upon a review of the relevant literature. Reliability was then assessed of the constructed indices, and was followed by Exploratory Factor Analyses (EFA) to further construct reliable and valid risk-assessment indices. Results indicated that the identified variables could be used for quantification of risk assessment. By extracting quantifiable risk assessment from qualitative data, further insight was gleaned as how to more effectively construct risk assessment instruments to more accurately measure sexual assault in prisons.

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Sociology, Criminology and Penology, Statistics