Elementos definitorios de la posvanguardia y el posmodernismo en México y Guatemala: transculturación, intertextualidad e indentidad en la ficción corta de seis autores

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This dissertation entitled: Elementos definitorios de la posvanguardia y el posmodernismo en México y Guatemala: Transculturación, intertextualidad e identidad en la ficción corta de seis autores, investigates six collections of short stories written by six authors from México and Guatemala. These writers are classified within the present century as postvanguard and postmodern writers with distinctive elements of intertextual connections that exist among the authors and their writings. The authors and their works are: Juan Rulfo's El llano en llamas (1953); Augusto Monterroso's Obras completas y otros cuentos (1959); Elena Garro's La semana de colores (1964); José Agustín Ramírez's Inventando que sueño: Drama en cuatro actos (1968); Dante Liano's Jornadas y otros cuentos (1978); and Ana María Rodas' Mariana en la tigrera (1996). This dissertation studies writers from two nations that share a common border, a language, and the same religion; these are all elements that make possible cultural and literary interchanges between the countries. The investigation offers a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the short stories in light of their intertextuality, transculturation, and hybridity. These are the main themes to be analyzed in this study which highlights marginal, transgressive, and peripheral elements of the societies depicted while also focusing on the feminine body in a world ruled by patriarchy. In addition, this dissertation demonstrates how the authors subvert the trends of dominance in societies that have been ruled since ancient times by the male gender. It should be noted that while some of the authors' short stories, particularly those by Rulfo and Monterroso, have been the object of various literary analyses, many of the texts examined in this dissertation have not been studied extensively. Consequently, this dissertation will help fill the critical gap that exists by offering a needed examination of the importance of these authors and their short stories as significant literary works in Latin America.

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