The integration of lecture capture technology in associate degree nursing programs in Alabama

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Instructors are being challenged to evaluate their courses and the manner in which course materials are distributed. Lecture capture technology has enabled nursing instructors to deliver classroom lectures even when class is not in session. This form of technology allows instructors to record lectures as they are being presented or instructors may choose to pre-record lectures prior to class. The purpose of this descriptive qualitative study was to determine how lecture capture technology has been integrated into associate degree nursing programs in Alabama. Nursing instructors were recruited from two-year colleges in the state of Alabama. Instructors selected were asked to complete a demographic survey and participate in detailed interviews that helped determine what factors influenced them to incorporate lecture capture technology into their courses. A purposive sample of nursing instructors, who had utilized lecture capture technology in their courses, was sought. The findings from this study may be used to help other nursing instructors navigate through the process of implementing lecture capture or other technology into their courses. The data collected may serve as a resource to help instructors and institutions overcome barriers and to effectively use time and resources in educating future nurses. This study has implications for nursing practice and policy related to establishing procedures that can assist instructors in adopting technology tools that will be beneficial in presenting course materials. In addition, instructors can determine which method of implementation is best for their work environment.

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Nursing, Educational technology