Restoring Equity for Black Youth in Urban Schools: A Scoping Review

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Zero tolerance policies in urban schools increased the disparities in urban school discipline for Black youth in comparison to white youth. Restorative interventions continue to be a popular response to deviant student behaviors; however, exploring the impact of restorative interventions in reducing harsh discipline on Black youth should be a continued focal point for scholars. This study used a scoping review to explore knowledge available regarding using restorative interventions in urban schools and how they impact Black youth. Five databases were used to identify relevant literature. Eight pieces of literature met the criteria for inclusion in this review. Findings revealed that restorative interventions do not have substantially positive impact on Black youth’s suspension rates; yet racial inequities in school and perceived negative thoughts about Black youth are among chief reasons Black youth are more likely suspended. Implications for future research and interventions are discussed.

Capstone Report
Urban schools, Youth, Black, Restorative interventions