Urban growth monitoring of Birmingham, AL using Landsat MSS and TM imagery

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Monitoring urban growth and change in land-use/land-cover in metropolitan areas is of critical interest in the twenty-first century. It is of utmost importance to those who study urban and metropolitan dynamics and to individuals who are in resource management. This research is focused on monitoring urban spatial growth or urbanization and land-use/land-cover changes in the Birmingham, Alabama, Metropolitan Area. This research will analyze urban growth and land-use/land-cover change over a thirty-four period from 1974 to 2008. This research takes place in the counties of Jefferson and Shelby, which is the core of the Birmingham, Alabama, Metropolitan Area. Landsat images from four years, one for each decade in the thirty-four year period, which were also very close to anniversary dates, were obtained to monitor the urban growth and land-use/land-cover change. GIS and remote sensing methods were utilized to achieve the research goal.

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Remote sensing, Geography, Geographic Information Sciences