Engaging Students in Academic Library Design: Emergent Practices in Co-Design

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This article explores academic libraries that have gone beyond using the traditional survey or focus group methods of soliciting student input, specific to library design projects. The goal for each library was to engage students in space design projects in innovative and hands-on ways that would maximize the potential for gaining their design input toward the creation of improved and enhanced library spaces. The successful co-design practices are further contextualized by analyzing the strategies employed by several academic libraries for engaging students in library design or redesign projects. Key trends, approaches, and emergent practices come into focus as they pertain to student input opportunities. By studying examples of student co-design in academic library design projects, several themes emerge as ingredients for reaching – and keeping – users engaged with library design. Importantly, students must feel that their commentary is valued and that their input is evident in the final design.

participatory design, co-design, library spaces, student engagement, academic libraries, novelty
Decker, E. (2021): Engaging Students in Academic Library Design: Emergent Practices in Co-Design. New Review of Academic Librarianship, Issue 2-4.