An investigation of the relationship between state developmental education policy and the number of degrees awarded at community colleges in Connecticut, Tennesee, and Florida

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This study seeks to examine the relationship between changes in state policies toward developmental education and the number of degrees awarded at community college students in the states of Connecticut, Florida, and Tennessee. It considers the history of developmental education and, beginning in 2003, explores the changes that occur as a result of the policy changes in those states. The data utilized in this study is selected from IPEDS beginning in the 2007-08 academic year and continuing through 2014-15. This study focuses upon several legislative actions in each state, including Connecticut’s SB 40 (2013), The Complete College Tennessee Act (2010), Florida’s SB 1908 (2008), HB 7197 (2011), and Florida’s SB 1720 (2012). This quantitative study then considers the impact that this legislation has upon the number of degrees awarded in each state. The findings of this study demonstrate that the number of students completing degrees increased in Tennessee during this study while the number declined in Florida and Connecticut.

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Educational administration, Educational leadership