Organizational citizenship, achievement press and student achievement

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This study examined the relationship of achievement press, organizational citizenship, and student achievement. A total of 55 schools were surveyed, and 1,665 certified school personnel participated in the study. The instruments used in this study were the Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) scale and a subset of the Organizational Climate Index (OCI) called achievement press. It was hypothesized that all three variables are related and achievement press is a better predictor of student achievement than organizational citizenship. To test this hypothesis, elementary school teachers completed surveys that measured achievement press and organizational citizenship. Student achievement was defined as a student's performance on the Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test. Reliabilities for the OCB and the OCI ranged from .80 to .89, indicating acceptable levels of reliability. As predicted in the first hypothesis, achievement press and organizational citizenship are positively related. However, neither variable was related to student achievement. Socioeconomic status was related to reading achievement, math achievement, and achievement press. Hypothesis 2 predicted achievement press would be a better predictor of student achievement than organizational citizenship. This study did not validate the prediction of Hypothesis 2.

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