The Amplified Voice of Athletes: Measuring the Influence and Efficacy of Sports-Based Activism

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This research offers an in-depth exploration of athlete activism, through the lens of social identity theory and social cognitive theory as well as advancing practical implications, and avenues for future research. Examining factors such as the type of activism, race of athletes, political affiliation, and fan identity, the research uncovers variables influencing online and offline engagement. While offline activism is significantly impacted by the type of activism and race of athletes, online behavioral intent remains largely unaffected. Political affiliation emerges as a key factor of activism across both online and offline spaces, stressing the importance of ideology on social issue engagement. Additionally, fan behavior plays a significant role in predicting online activism, emphasizing the role of sports fandom in shaping activism tendencies. The study also highlights the importance of motivation in driving behavioral engagement, while self-efficacy shows limited impact. Overall, this research contributes valuable insights into athlete activism, social identity theory and social cognitive theory.

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