Men in nursing: a qualitative study examining the male neophytes lived experiences in nursing practice

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Male nurses face challenges in their education and practice as a result of their gender and stereotypes associated with being a male in a female dominated profession. The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of the educational and practice experiences of the male neophyte nurse. This was accomplished by listening to the words of the male neophyte nurses in this study and analyzing their words with the use of critical phenomenology. Using a qualitative descriptive study design, participants were recruited to engage in a three part interview series with the interviewer. These interviews led the participant to describe what led them to enter the nursing profession; challenges with gender encountered in the educational and practice setting, and a reflection on how these experiences impact their lives. There were six participants in the study. Each participant had graduated from a Bachelor of Science nursing education program within the past five years. Participants were registered nurses currently practicing nursing in the state of Alabama. Findings from the study were significant in that all participants in this study experienced exclusion, devaluation, and challenges associated with being male in a female dominated profession. These experiences associated with gender impacted the participant's attitude and development as a nurse. Recommendations for future study include comparative studies of male and female neophyte nurse experiences and recruiting a larger number of participants.

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Nursing, Educational leadership, Education policy