Women in Public Relations in Québec

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Creative Media and Communications Research Ltd. & EUPRERA

This research was conducted as part of the Women in Public Relations project of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), which aims to document the realities of women practicing the profession in different countries. Based on an exploratory and qualitative design, this research aimed to fill a lack of data available about the gender issues faced by women working in public relations in the province of Québec and to compare these realities to what has been observed elsewhere in North America, and other national contexts around the world. Keeping with the framework of the Women in PR project, interviews with 15 Frenchspeaking women working in PR in Québec were conducted to gain a better understanding of the gender issues that characterize women’s lived experience of PR work, office and workplace culture, and perceptions and stereotypes associated with the leadership styles in this field.

Millette, J., Brunelle, A.-P, & Brun, J. (2023). Women in Public Relations in Quebec. EUPRERA Report Vol 4., No. 1., Topić, M. (ed). Leeds/Brussels: Creative Media and Communications Research Ltd. & EUPRERA. ISSN 2633-2353