The Role of Stress Among Cybersecurity Professionals

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The concept of stress has gained significant attention from researchers across several disciplines. Among this research, information systems (IS) scholars have contributed to our understanding of stress by detailing individual experiences of stress that occur from the use of technology, adherence to information security requirements, and other workplace circumstances such as work overload. Yet, even among this IS focused research, there are different conceptualizations and operationalizations of stress; how it is formed, how it is measured, and how individuals respond to it. This dissertation seeks to provide some needed clarity and insight to this stream of research and does so by focusing on one of the most stress-prone, but least understood segments of the information security (InfoSec) practice community, cybersecurity professionals. In this two-essay dissertation, we accomplish two broad goals. First, in essay one we synthesize the trends, gaps, and limitations of the research on stress as it applies to cybersecurity professionals and develop a set of opportunities for future research. Second, in essay two we describe and test a demand appraisal model for cybersecurity professionals to show how cybersecurity professionals experience and respond to stress stemming from the demands associated with implementing and/or maintaining their organizations’ electronic monitoring and surveillance (EMS) technologies.

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appraisal, challenge and hindrance stress, coping, cybersecurity, security-related stress