The frequency of cyberharassment and its correlation with emotional management as it relates to college students

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Technology is changing how we educate our society, communicate with one another, integrate into medical procedures, collect donations for disaster relief efforts, and even how we chose the leader of the "free world" in 2008. However, not all of the changes are positive. One unfortunate reality is that college students can utilize technology inappropriately and counterproductive to many of its educational uses. The purpose of this study was to understand if emotional management has any correlation to the frequency of cyberharassment in college students. Through this study a better understanding of cyberharassment is developed, shedding light on a social concern needing to be addressed. The study used quantitative methodology in order to investigate the relationships (if any) between levels of emotional management and (a) cyberharassment (reporting) (b) frequency, and (c) various demographic groups such as race, gender, age, and sexual orientation (i.e. heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender). The results of this study have implications on the recruitment, retention, and persistence of students in higher education.

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Higher education administration, Sociology, Psychology