The working of the Ethiopian federal judiciary

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It is more than two decades since Ethiopia has introduced a federal system. This heralded a shift from the long aged unitary, centralized judiciary to a federal system. The demand for a strong judiciary was a long standing question of the people and the nation that has not been addressed by the previous unitary regimes in Ethiopia. The demand for strong judiciary was a serious gap in the previous unitary system of Ethiopia where the people and the nation fought for decades. The study analyses how the current Ethiopian federal judicial system addresses the long standing demand of the people and the nation. To critically analyze the working of the federal Judiciary of Ethiopia, mainly qualitative and for triangulation purpose questionnaires (quantitative) methods that are relevant to the purpose are deployed. What is more, since the Ethiopian judicial federalism is in its infant stage, in order to cultivate experience, the research explores the federal and judicial experience of other federal countries such as—USA, Canada, India and other African Countries when appropriate. In this research, an intensive, in-depth and thorough analysis of the working of the federal judiciary is conducted so as to come up with findings related to constitutional, legal and policy challenges including challenges of budget, human resources, infrastructure and the major principles and challenges of coordination, cooperation as well as the problem of corruption and rent seeking including the challenge of competent leadership and good governance. The research concludes that even if there is undeniable change in the current federal judicial system when compared to the long aged unitary judicial system, still there is high demand from the people for strong judiciary. The current federal judicial system as it stands faces multitude of challenges the country needs to address. Finally, the research recommends solutions that can address the long-aged demand of the people for strong independent judiciary.

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