A pedogogical discussion of five french twentieth-century piano pieces for progressive study

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This document provides a pedagogical study of five works for younger pianists by twentieth-century French composers. The works are Jeu by Darius Milhaud, Petite suite serieuse pour concert de famille by Besty Jolas, Les fleurs endormies by Marcel Landowski, A la maniere...d'un violon by Raymond Loucher, and L'histoire de Babar by Francis Poulenc. Each work is published individually by the French editor Gerard Billaudot and is a part of a collection of twenty-seven teaching pieces specifically designated pour les jeunes ("for young people"). These works can be used as an introduction to modern French piano music for elementary through early-advanced students. This subject is of great importance as such works are rarely found in student-level repertoire and method books. The selections are presented in the order of progressive study, each accompanied with a detailed discussion, so that the teacher may decide on how best to integrate the compositions into their students' training. It is possible to use all five pieces with one student in a graduated progression; but the discussions are presented with one composition per chapter so that an instructor may go immediately to the piece that most closely reflects their student's current level. These solo piano works can equip the student with the skills necessary to play more difficult French twentieth-century repertoire, such as Ravel's Sonatine or one of the Debussy Préludes.

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