Court cases involving elected school board member resignation or removal

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Serving as a school board member is an honorable community service, often an entrée for persons aspiring to higher political office, but unfortunately is an opportunity for some to do wrong. Generally made up of lay members of the community, school boards consist of members who have been elected by citizens within the school district or appointed by the mayor or city council, and receive very little training. Though having a distinct role in school leadership, as well as, serving as a hot topic in popular press, school boards have been understudied in educational research. Global competition during the last few decades has brought a standards-based movement for the educational arena. Along with rising accountability measures and sanctions, educational research is needed to provide educational leaders with guidelines for prevention methods, as well as, provisions of school board member removal. This study is about court cases involving removal of public school board members. The problem of this study was current educational research on school boards has provided school leaders no guiding principles of how to avert dangers before they arise, or how to initiate and carry out proper procedures for successful board member removal. Knowledge of how courts have ruled on issues regarding removal of school board members is needed to enhance the mindfulness of board members and school leaders, allowing them to avoid situations, which may lead to litigation. When a board member is hindering the mission of a school system, school superintendents, community members, and other board members must know how courts have ruled on issues regarding removal of school board members in order to pursue and carry out proper procedures for successful removal. The purpose of this study was to see how courts have viewed school board member removal in the timeframe of 1946 to 2011. This study focuses on issues, outcomes, and trends involving public school board member suspension or removal. The information gained from the issues, outcomes, and trends was used to create guiding principles for local school boards, administrators, and legislators.

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